A work of (frothy) art: take a look at the hilarious coffee models created by a Japanese barista with a bit too much time on his hands

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  • Barista, Kazuki Yamamoto froths up a storm in a coffee cup by drawing images of animals and famous paintings in the cappuccinos he serves to customers

    If you can’t get through the morning without a strong beverage (we’re talking coffee, not whisky btw) then spare a thought for customers of Kazuki Yamamoto in Japan.

    The plucky barista is serving up coffee with a
    quirky difference – with your very own model drawn into the froth.

    After six years as a barista, Yamamoto decided to make his creative cappuccinos to order complete with cheerful image on top.Coffee, but not as we know it: Japanese barista, Kazuki Yamamoto has created amazing creations from simple cappuccino froth  Rex Features

    From a cute teddy bear to a replica of the Mona Lisa, Yamamoto has notched up over 2,000 of the mini masterpieces. I wonder if he charges extra for the complicated designs?

    The talented 26-year-old’s creations do take a little longer but his delighted customers don’t seem to mind.

    Too much froth? The 26-year-old barista makes the intricate drawings with a cocktail pin, steamed milk and an espresso  Rex Features

    So far he has created hundreds of cute animals such as a seal, dog, wolf and a cat. He’s also created well-known figures such as Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and Aladdin.

    How refreshing: With over 2,000 designs under his belt, Kazuki spends his time creating drawings of animals, objects or even cartoon characters, such as Aladdin  Rex Features

    Fancy having a go at making your own frothy drawing? These stunning designs can’t be created by getting super proficient with your average coffee maker, instead Yamamoto makes the creations by using a cocktail pin and spoon, steamed milk and deliclious espresso.

    He said: ‘I have been been practising at the end of the working day and during breaks. It has become what I am known for when customers come into the shop.’

    Work of art: At his coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, Kazuki has even drawn images of the Mona Lisa in his cappuccino froth  Rex Features

    Barking orders: Next time you head into Costa, we dare you to ask for a skinny cappuccino with a wolf on top!  Rex Features

    Yamamoto, who has been making the frothy creations for two years, estimates that he makes around three a day.

    ‘There is a drawback,’ he said. ‘The coffee can get cold because it takes time to do the more delicate designs.’

    So next time you’re entering a coffee shop why not try a tall skinny latte with a polar bear on top?

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