Buyers can save an average of £250k by crossing over the River Thames

Wave hello to a more affordable home, without compromising on location, location, location

There's often a big gap between the property we want to buy and the property we can afford to buy.

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But now new research has revealed a way to literally bridge this gulf, and all it involves is a hop and skip over opposite banks of the River Thames.

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The analysis from independent London estate agent, Benham and Reeves, highlighted 16 river hops in London with accessible crossings that could save those hoping to get a foothold on the housing ladder hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The biggest saving of a whopping £816,165 was made by taking a 20-minute walk across Albert Bridge Road from Chelsea to Battersea.

The research also revealed that a number of other huge property gains could be made by making similar moves from north to south of the river within the capital.

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And the top 10 was completed as follows:

Location 1     Average Price     Location 2     Average Price    Saving

Westminster     £1,636,949           Lambeth           £970,819              £666,130

Fulham              £1,135,111              Wandsworth   £702,636              £432,475

City of London £868,258              Southwark       £501,456               £366,802

Chiswick            £1,088,751           Mortlake           £812,226               £276,525

Pimlico               £1,231,143           Vauxhall           £978,642             £252,501

North Woolwich£494,800           Woolwich         £346,477              £148,323

Wapping             £687,400           Bermondsey     £596,498               £90,902

Blackfriars         £865,000            Newington        £1,310,288           £445,288

Covent Garden £1,200,000         Waterloo           £1,438,757           £238,757

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Commenting, Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, said:

'Much like the close proximity of a good transport link, living in by the Thames and easy access when crossing it, can command a price premium amongst London home buyers.

'However, as is often the case with the London market, a slight compromise on location can save you a lot of money when it comes to buying a house. For the sake of no more than a 20-minute walk from one side of the Thames to the other, you can save hundreds of thousands of pounds.'

Further findings revealed that the cheapest borough for average asking prices north of the river was Barking and Dagenham (£299,399), while the cheapest south of the river was Bexley (£341,060).

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Would you consider moving to one of the areas listed above?