The stunning seaside towns where you can grab a home for under £100,000 revealed

Dreaming of lapping waves and walks along the prom? These coastal towns might be worth the investment…

It’s a known fact that relocating to the seaside can be costly, especially if your favourite coastal town happens to be in the south of England. However moving to the coast could actually be a good investment.

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Since 2009, the average house price in Britain's seaside towns has increased by 29 per cent, from an average £185,428 in 2009 to £239,138 in 2019, according to the latest study by Halifax. This equates to an average increase of £5,000 per year, so buying a house by the beach could be money well spent.

seaside view of white and red boats and sloping roof houses

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These are the seaside towns with the biggest house price increases over the last 10 years, with the former and current average house price and the percentage increase:

1. Shoreham By Sea (225,754 vs £382,135) – up 69 per cent

2. Whitstable (£236,196 vs 384,916)– up 63 per cent

3. Herne Bay (£188,808 vs £307,691) – up 63 per cent

4. Lerwick Scotland (£114,179 vs £184,990) – up 62 per cent

5. Leigh On Sea (£238,084 vs £379,712) – up 59 per cent

6. Burnham On Crouch (£218,076 vs £346,170) – up 59 per cent

7. Wadebridge (£270,643 vs 421,800) – up 56 per cent

8. Margate (£151,520 vs £235,012) – up 55 per cent

9. Brighton (£256,372 vs £395,144) – up 54 per cent

10. Deal (£197,169 vs 301,722) – up 53 per cent

Commenting Russell Galley, Halifax Managing Director, said: 'Seaside towns are highly popular places to live, offering sought-after scenery, lifestyle and good weather. Being by the sea side does come at a price, with the overall marked increase in house prices, reflecting the demand for rooms with a sea view.

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'The South East coast continues to be home to the most expensive seaside towns in the country, while many of the least expensive are in the north, particularly in Scotland. Despite a clear north-south divide in property prices among seaside towns, the continuing price growth in many northern seaside towns over the years suggests the popularity of coastal living isn’t exclusive to the south.'

For those hoping to bag a bargain by the beach, many of the cheapest properties are located in Scotland, with the top ten least expensive seaside towns (average prices) listed below:

sea side view with white and black boats and mountains with green trees

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1. Port Bannatyne (Scotland) –  £86,830

2. Campbeltown (Scotland) –  £87,651

3. Newbiggin by the Sea (North) – £88,844

4. Millport (Scotland) – £91,850

5. Wick (Scotland) – £92,295

6. Girvan (Scotland) – £93,187

7. Saltcoats (Scotland) – £95,400

8. Rothesay (Scotland) – £100,774

9. Stranraer (Scotland) – £100,954

10. Thurso (Scotland) – £101,627 

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Are you prepared to up sticks in search of sun, sea, sand and a sound investment?