Find the cheapest and most expensive streets to live on in your home town with this new online tool

The Property Wars tool lets you choose a city, then shows you the average property values of nearby streets on Monopoly-style game cards

Have you ever wondered which streets are your local equivalent of Old Kent Road, Pall Mall or Park Lane? Well, now you can find out with a clever new tool that takes your home town – or city – and turns it into a Monopoly-style game board.

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Devised by Thomas Sanderson, Property Wars is intended to make searching for a new home easier and more fun. It's certainly useful if you don't know an area well, as you can immediately discover the most desirable areas... and those where you might be able to pick up a bargain.

To use it, first add the name of you nearest city or large town. It gives a result for most major UK conurbations but there are a few gaps. While it worked for Weston-Super-Mare, for example, there were no results for the bigger town of St Helens. Here's what you get if you input Bristol.

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You can the click on each road, lane or avenue to explore average property prices, and get a Google-powered street view. Streets are colour codes in much the same way as Monopoly. So burgundy denotes the cheapest streets on the board and purple the most expensive.

And while there's no jail or free parking, you will notice that the board shows the major train stations in the areas. It's a handy extra bit of info if you need to check out your commute.

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While creating the tool, Thomas Sanderson discovered that the cheapest street for property prices was in Durham. Here a home on Etherly Close in the city has an average price of £11,165. Meanwhile the most expensive turned out to be the Boltons in London, where average property prices were a staggering £37,720,000. And you thought Mayfair was expensive!

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'Finding out the cost of properties can be a hard and convoluted process,' says Thomas Sanderson's Marketing Director, Richard Petrie. 'Not to mention how they compare to other areas and other cities, particularly for first-time buyers. We created this tool so that potential buyers can easily find out the average cost of properties in a given city and have a quick browse at what they look like.'

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