Declutter the kids’ room after that December delivery from Santa

Christmas is over and the children’s toy boxes are bulging but here are a few easy ways to clear some floor space again

Now that Christmas is over, are you desperate to get your hands on your little one's room and have a good clear out?

Of course the little hoarders can't bear to part with any of their bears, artwork or posters, so you need to find some savvy solutions to decluttering without binning (much).

Using these shelving techniques and fun storage ideas, you'll be amazed how much you can fit in a tidy room.

Pin artwork up on the walls

kids room with wall art work and wooden flooring

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Clear out the desk drawers and the fridge door by neatly framing some of your child's best art masterpieces and hanging them in their bedroom. Pin posters and giant cut outs can go up alongside the frames on blank walls in need of some fun designs.

Box things up under the bed

box things up under the bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Box up anything from little summer sandals to spare bedding and old toys they won't let go of before slotting these under the bed. Utilising every bit of space is essential when dealing with this much stuff!

Build a wall shelving unit

childrens room with wall shelves and toys

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Has your little one got bears, books and toy bulldozer's coming out of his ears? Build a simple wall unit of open shelving to allow for quick clear ups whilst still leaving them out for your little rascal to get back down easily.

Beds with drawers underneath

kids room with bed and drawers underneath

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Not only will your princess feel like she is sleeping on cloud 9 up there, but building a high bed leaves room for multiple drawers underneath. Use these as a chest of drawers or a toy emporium.

Run shelving around the room

childrens room with wooden bed and white walls

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If you've utilised all the cupboard, box and chest space your room can take then try adding a discreet shelf around the room. This space is perfect for storing teddies when they are young and photo frames as they get older.

Cupboards in awkward spots

kids room with spandrel area and cupboards

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Just because your child's room has an awkward corner or sloped eaves doesn't mean the edges are out of bounds. Cunning cupboard builds like this make more room to store items your hoarder cannot part with.

Hampers act as boxes

room with white wall and table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Bolton)

Keep all those hampers left over from Christmas as they can be very versatile. Acting as tables, boxes and teddy bear beds, every child needs one of these to help solve their space problems.

Hang baskets

childrens room with rack bed and toys

(Image credit: TBC)

Another way to clear floor space and prevent yourself from stubbing toes everytime you venture in is by hanging baskets to be filled with anything going spare - crayons, skates, Lego or balls.


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