This Morning star shares ingenious decluttering tips – and not without controversy!

The show's regular property and interiors expert's advice will help homes stay organised

Who hasn’t been using lockdown life wisely, by decluttering their homes? Or to have a 'big old purge' as Phillip Schofield puts it. But how do we stay on top of our new clutter-free homes once life returns to the new normal?

This Morning's resident interiors expert, The Home Genie was on hand to share her top decluttering tips. And who knew they'd leave hosts Davina McCall and Phillip Schofield shocked and in hysterics!

The Home Genie's top decluttering tips

'Home Genie Georgina Burnett is here to help. She's always got some extraordinary ideas so off you go', intros Phillip.

Clearly pleased the nation has been busy decluttering during lockdown, Georgina is on the show to help us stay on the right track. 'We need to now keep on top of the clutter, and that's really important, ' she starts off. ' I've got three top tips' she goes on to explain. And those are...

1. Take baby steps

hallway with navy blue walls and shoe rack

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When you go to declutter, 'baby steps'', is Georgina's advice. 'It might be one room at at time, it may even be just one area of a room at a time. Because you don't want to get overwhelmed and the half way through sort of give up and shove everything back in the cupboard' she warns.

And let's be honest, we can all relate to that notion. So start small, and stay accomplished rather than be overwhelmed.

2. Adopt a one in, one out rule

'Another one is to have a one in, one out rule,' Georgina says, adding the same rule should be applied to men! Phil and stand-in host Davina can barely contain their laughter – and shock!

Georgina quickly points out she's joking, and a happily married woman.

Moving on swiftly, Georgina continues, 'So basically if you go to buy something, then something else has to be given away or upcycled.' Georgina's hope with this is that It might make us think more about things we're buying – a mindfulness to be less wasteful.

3. Keep photos not things

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'Cherish the memories, rather than the objects, 'she says., warning ' you might attach sentimental value to something a bit too much, so take a photo of it and then get rid of it.'

Her words are straight to the point, but she clearly doesn't mess around when it comes to decluttering.

She goes on to reveal she uses this method with her own children's artwork! 'Once the art wall is filled up, I take a photo of it then I throw it away' she boldly confesses to the nation. 'Because otherwise you end up with boxes and boxes of artwork. So now we just have photos of it instead.'

Georgina is a regular on This Morning, where she is always upcycling and making nifty things to help with decluttering.

In this fabulous example she posts, 'Come on, admit it, my bits drawer is a thing of beauty isn’t it? I used cereal boxes, tetra packs and fruit punnets as dividers and it makes me smile every time I open it! Come on show us your bits drawer?!'

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It's this ability to turn nothing into something brilliant to declutter homes that has earned her the expert status on This Morning.


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