Mum makes impressive £30 DIY play kitchen - using an old kitchen unit

What a great way to beat isolation frustration

This DIY job is ideal on so many levels. Not only does it help parents stay busy during the difficult self-isolation period, the upcycled creation helps keep little one entertained for hours. It's also reducing waste! Bravo to Loren Armstrong for sharing her amazing DIY play kitchen creation.

Loren from Kent, made the amazing kitchen for her daughter Olivia, two.

Play kitchens are a great way to keep kids entertain - but with the shops closed and online options proving expensive we say consider this fun DIY project?

Loren's old kitchen unit before

kitchen with wooden drawer and measuring tape

(Image credit: Loren Armstrong)

'I went to throw out an old unit but then decided it would be a waste as there wasn't much wrong with it.' Instead Loren tells Latest Deals, ' I looked on Pinterest to see what I could do with it, when I came across the kitchen idea.'

How to make a DIY play kitchen...

kitchen with wooden drawer and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Loren Armstrong)

Loren dug through old bits and bobs in the house and used tester pots of paint. Whilst shopping for essentials at home and hardware stores - which are still allowed to be open - Loren bought pink paint from B&Q.

'I already had the white paint, tools, glue and sandpaper,' she adds. 'I bought tester pots of pink paint from B&Q.'

Because it's hard to get hold of paint right now you could use any colours you have for now, and choose to update once normality is restored.

kitchen in progress with wooden drawer and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Loren Armstrong)

Olivia's new play kitchen

homemade play kitchen with wooden flooring and sink bowl

(Image credit: Loren Armstrong)

'The sink bowl and accessories are from IKEA. The tap was made from a p-trap from the plumbing department which I sprayed with silver paint.'

'I'm really pleased with how it turned out and my daughter loves it!' exclaims Loren.

Offering her top tips Loren adds, 'My main tips would be to use Pinterest. Look round for things you have already in the house.

Going on to say, 'Not only is it better recycling rather than buying new, but the fact that this was made instead of just from a shop is more thoughtful.'

'I want to teach my daughter that the small things people do are much more valuable than a big expensive gift.'

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