Mum transforms dingy spare bedroom into a dressing room of dreams – on a budget!

Who wouldn't want a walk in wardrobe as fashionable as this one
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  • Who wouldn’t love a luxurious dressing room in their own home? Monika Bacanskaite, a mum of one and makeup artist from Somerset, had always dreamed of having her own Kardashian-style glam room – complete with dedicated dressing and beauty areas.

    After moving into a new house with a spare bedroom she decided to fulfil that dream and make her own dressing room on a strict budget of £300. Stocking up on supplies from Argos, Amazon and The Range to help do so. And wow, it’s really paid off.

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    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    Monika set about transforming a formerly dark and dull bedroom into a stunning light-filled beauty room – and she spent under £300 on the project. A fraction of the price of having professional walk in wardrobes built.

    ‘I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on IKEA walk-in wardrobes, so I thought I would build my own one’ Monika tells Latest Deals.

    Monika’s dressing room makeover

    dressing room area in spare bedroom

    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    Due to lockdown Monika was restricted on shopping. ‘I started ordering bits that I thought would be useful, like wardrobe rails, hangers, shelves and so on.’

    ‘I had already two Argos bookcases that were the perfect size for displaying my makeup. So I thought about how to connect them together to make it into one walk-in wardrobe piece. I bought a wardrobe rail from Amazon and connected the two bookcases. That made a perfect place to hang my jackets and a whole unit became stable!’

    Monika purchased stick-on LED lights from Amazon to stick to the top of the bookcase shelves, to create a better display of her fashion items.

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    dressing room with shoe storage shelves and rails

    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    Monika goes on to say, ‘I had to drill the rail into the sides of the bookcases. I added an Argos cube storage unit in the middle of these two bookcases. I store my shoes here, and it fits just perfectly’.

    ‘The stools for my dressing table I bought from The Range and they were perfect – just what I wanted’ she exclaims.

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    dressing room mirror with lights

    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    ‘The colour I chose to paint it in was white as I just love light colours’ she explains. ‘It gives me a clean feeling and everything goes with it in my opinion. Once the painting works were done I was able to start organising where everything would be.’

    The glam dressing table

    dressing room table with tassel stools

    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    Showing her DIY savvy side Monika says, ‘We had an old bathroom cabinet that I actually took apart to make these little shelves around my mirror. I painted them and it made great shelves so nothing was going to waste.’

    Image credit: Monika Bacanskaite

    ‘I’m so happy I didn’t end up buying an expensive walk-in wardrobe’ Monika adds. ‘In the end, I would say I spent a maximum of £250 to £300. But that’s including the rug, dressing table, mirrors and storage units.’

    ‘I’m so happy with the way my dressing room turned out,’ she adds. ‘I didn’t really expect it to look this good.’ It looks beyond just good we say, a job very well done.

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    Will you be clearing our the spare room to create a dressing room of dreams?

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