Expert shares time-saving tip for watering the garden this summer

Little and often isn't always the best approach

While watering the garden is usually a pretty relaxed affair, it does tend to take up a lot of time. Especially if you have lots of thirsty containers, window boxes and hanging baskets that need daily watering.

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A gardening expert has shared his time-saving secret for keeping plants hydrated over the summer months. He argues that we actually don't need to worry about watering them so frequently.

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Resident gardening expert and Horticultural Director at Dobbies Garden Centres, Marcus Eyles advises that we water plants thoroughly, less often. 'To make water go further, water thoroughly less frequently, rather than little and often,' Marcus begins.

'So a few times a week rather than every day, depending on rainfall, of course,' he says. Recently, we've been caught out by forgetting to check the weather forecast.

There's nothing worse than watering the garden, then looking out the window half an hour later to see heavy rainfall. Marcus says to make the most of the sunny weather this summer, 'but don’t forget to regularly water and feed your plants. Consistency is key!'

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If you're religiously watering your garden every day, you can afford to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Just make sure that when you do water the garden, you're giving your plants ample water, ensuring that it is drenching the roots.

'July is the time to embrace all your earlier gardening efforts,' says Marcus, 'enjoying plants and flowers, many of which will be putting on their best displays of the year this month.'

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(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

Marcus also suggests you place buckets under hanging baskets to catch excess water that can be used in other areas of your garden. Little changes like this make a huge difference if we all do them.

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