Get the Game of Thrones look in your living room

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  • If the epic fantasy currently has you gripped, there’s no SHAME in decorating your home with some GoT themed accessories

    With season 7 well underway, we’ve decided to celebrate with a round-up of Game of Thrones inspired homeware. And as you’ll see, you don’t need a castle like Winterfell or The Red Keep to pull off the Game of Thrones look. A few well chosen accessories is all it takes to channel the Houses of Stark, Targaryen or Lannister in your very own living room.

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    Sadly, we’ve not managed to track down a Hodor doorstop, but we’re just putting the idea out there…

    The rug

    Winter is coming. Although it already looks pretty chilly at Longclaw. Last year, the show’s costume designer Michele Clayton revealed that Jon Snow and his Night Watch crew drape themselves in none other than Ikea’s Ludde sheepskin rugs to keep warm. And you can do the same when the night is dark and full of terrors.

    The rugs are cut, dyed and distressed with sandpaper to make them look older, before they make the backs of our heroes. We’d be inclined to leave yours as they are, as modelled here by Ikea’s Wembley store staff.


    The drinking goblets

    We can’t promise you’ll be able to ‘drink and know things’ like Tyrion Lannister, but these ornate cups are just the thing for toasting the blood of dragons. 

    The wallpaper

    Ok, so the walls of The Red Fort aren’t actually papered – stonework and wood panelling is more the order of the day. But if you want a similarly regal look without the building work, you can’t go wrong with this deep red design.

    The candlestick

    Westeros candlemakers must do a roaring trade, if the amount of burning wax lighting up our screens each week is anything to go by. We can just picture this distressed stick setting the ambiance in a key scene.

    The remote control

    The bad news – you’re never going to be able to control dragons like Daenerys. The good news? You can control your Game of Thrones viewing with this Sky Q remote, covered in a suitably fantastical skin. A choice of GoT-themed designs are available. So if you’ve got Sky Q in several rooms, you can have a different cover in each one.
    Grab just a few of these pieces and you’ll have the best-looking pad this side of Westeros.

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