Garden swings to make your summer swing along nicely

Garden swings aren't just for kids - check out our favourites if you fancy getting back into the swing of it

When was the last time you went swinging? And no, we're not talking about anything dodgy - honestly! Chances are you haven't swung on a garden swing for a long time.

But garden swings aren't just for kids - there's genuinely nothing more freeing than swinging through the air, no matter your age. So if you're missing the carefree fun that comes from flying high, check out our pick of the best garden swings around. And incase you're feeling a little apprehensive - don't worry, we'll soon have you back in full swing.

Opt for traditional garden swings

tree swing in garden

(Image credit: Tree Swings)

Tree Swings started life when the owner's wife one day suggested it would be nice to have a garden swing to hang from their oak tree. And who can blame her? If you also have a large tree from which to place a traditional swing, these beautifully handcrafted pieces could be perfect for you. Made out of sustainable wood sourced locally to the owner's Cheshire workshop, the Ingram oak tree swing is a wonderful, eco friendly option that will look great in any garden.

Buy now: Ingram oak tree swing, £219, Tree Swings

Push the button

garden swing wooden button

(Image credit: Rowen & Wren)

Some things are classics and can't be improved, and this old-fashioned-style garden swing is precisely that kind of object. Made out of 100% reclaimed wood, it has a natural finish that blends in beautifully with its environment. The seat diameter is 29.5cm and the rope length is 6m - more than enough to get you swinging your feet up off the ground.

Buy now: Didi Authentic tree swing, £78, Rowen & Wren

Swing in style

garden with armadillo swing

(Image credit: Go Modern)

If the thought of actually swinging up high in the sky is a little too energetic and/or frightening for you, how about this super-stylish swinging garden sofa? A much more sedate option, the Armadillo is ideal for chilling on sunny days and reclining with a glass of fizz. Ah, that's the life!

Buy now: Armadillo swinging garden sofa, £2,360, Go Modern

Hang out without a tree

garden recliner swing in open lawn area

(Image credit: Garden & Outdoor LIving)

Not got a tree from which to hang your swinging recliner? Then check out this rattan egg chair, which comes complete with its own frame. As long as you have a patch of outdoor space, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a little bit of swinging fun.

Buy now: Ritiro rattan egg chair, £299.99, Gardens and Homes Direct

Frame it

wooden swing frame in garden

(Image credit: TP Toys)

The same can be said of traditional-style garden swings. If you don't have a suitable tree to hang a swing from, consider a frame. This one has a lovely natural finish that doesn't look out of place among greenery. It's designed primarily for children, but the frame is available with a range of different seats, which can accommodate varying weights, so check this out before choosing your seat options.

Buy now: Double Knightswood swing frame, £169.99, TP

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Personalise your swing

wooden swing with fiber rope

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Make your garden swing feel extra special with a personalised design. Hand carved in The Oak and Rope Company's Kent workshop, personalised swings make a great gift. And you don't have to stick to people's names - a positive message will do the trick, too.

Buy now: The Oak and Rope Company large personalised swing, £360, John Lewis

Create a laid-back vibe

garden swing with cane table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Scarboro)

Okay, a hammock is not strictly speaking a swing, but it hangs on rope and swings about, so it's definitely a very close relative. Hammocks are affordable garden seating options, but the trick can be finding a suitable place to hang them. If this is a problem, there are loads of hammock frames on the market. Wherever you put yours, add lots of cushions for the ultimate in comfort.

Buy now: similar hammock, £89.90, The Hammock Store

Are you ready to swing free this summer?