Are your guests secretly snooping around your house? Find out where the nosiest noses scout…

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  • Are you a secret snooper or a victim of your guest's inquisitive ways?

    Are you a secret snopper when visiting friends and family? Well, you’re not alone…

    A recent survey conducted by Direct Blinds has revealed a shocking third of Brits have a sneak peak in the fridge and a little rifle through the post when visiting other people’s homes.

    Top rooms for these spies to snoop in are the kitchen, with 44%
    heading right for the cupboards, followed by sniffing the smellies in the bathroom cupboards.

    Bedroom drawers were also a big one with 42% of us intrigued to see what our hosts store in the spare bedroom’s storage – a load of ski socks and swimming goggles if they are anything like us…

    The fridge also proved alluring with 22% of the detectives polled in the survey heading there whilst 19% even went through the post and read the bills!

    And where do most of these overly inquisitive houseguests live? Just shy of half – 45% – live in Birmingham, followed by nosy parkers in London, Nottingham, Cardiff and Leeds.

    So next time you invite a Brummie over or have a friend visit from London, you should think twice about what you leave lying about…

    To top it off, 48% of those polled in the survey admitted judging their hosts on what they found!

    A whopping 55% complained of bad smells emitted from old drawers whilst 42% weren’t impressed with the state of messy bathroom cabinets.

    It seems no one is content with a nice warm bed and a place to stay anymore!

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