You won't believe how this savvy homeowner keeps her curtain pleats perfect!

It's the curtain hack all house-proud homeowners need to see

Every now and then a home hack comes our way and we're left totally speechless. This simple, yet brilliant, toilet roll curtain spacer hack is one of them!

We couldn't quite believe our eyes when we saw how this savvy homeowner has used her empty loo rolls. Spacing them between the pleats in her curtains, they keep them hanging perfectly neat and even.

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House-proud Kelly Rowland, from Bolton, shared the clever curtain trick on Facebook. With an overwhelming response of 9k comments and 18k shares, it seems Kelly has touched upon gold with this simple-but-highly-effective hack.

Have you seen toilet roll curtain spacers?

Kelly shared her curtain wisdom after seeing another post with someone seeking advice on their new curtains. Clearly compelled to share her trick, Kelly was sat late one night taking pictures of her curtains to explain what she meant when she advised them to 'put empty toilet rolls in the top to make the pleats look neat'.

The snaps above help to give us the lowdown on how it works. Without the visuals, we too might have been perplexed by how empty toilet rolls could ever make our curtains look neat!

The comments have been, in the main, full of praise for this clever use of the old cardboard tubes.

One simply says, 'Great idea!'.

Another, 'How did I not know this? I change curtains a lot!! Thanks'

Clearly a fan, one exclaims, 'So happy you posted this I have never seen this done thank you I will do this.'

One follower tags and friend and comments 'I saw this the other day!! So innovative 😂'

Bravo Kelly, we all thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles)

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There's no excuse now not to have perfect curtain pleats from here on in.


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