Had any work done? Nip-tucking home trend continues to thrive despite economic gloom

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  • Finances may be tighter than ever but 79% of house proud Brits are still willing to spend as much money as they can on cosmetic 'house lifts' in an attempt to add value to their homes

    We may be broke, but we’re still vain – at least when it comes to our homes.

    According to a new survey by RatedPeople.com, Brits are just as
    concerned about the physical appearance of their homes as they are about
    themselves, with almost 62% of us forging ahead with renovations – or ‘house lifts’ – despite the grim economic outlook.

    A whopping 84% of us believe it’s important to maintain the appearance
    of our homes even during times of financial dire straits. No pressure then!

    Would your home pass the doorstep challenge? Half of Brits admit that would judge their neighbours negatively if they allowed the appearance of the ir home to become shabby  IPC Images

    Of these renovations, 79% are purely cosmetic as house proud homeowners attempt to hold back the hands of time and add value to their properties where they can.

    Inexpensive and instant makeovers are preferred over more complicated
    procedures such as extensions, with 20% of us ‘botox-ing’ walls and ceilings by re-plastering and 22% of us updating a tired-looking scheme with new wallpaper or a splash of paint.

    By far the most popular ‘house lift’, though, is laying new flooring or carpet, with 30% of those questioned digging deep to give their homes an instant facelift.

    The cheapest and easiest renovation, with almost 20% of the vote, is re-painting the front door. Which is just as well, as 55%
    of us readily admit they would judge their neighbours negatively if they
    allowed the appearance of their home to become shabby.

    Papering over the cracks: Purse strings may be pinched but 79% of us are still spending money on 'home lifts'

    Tariq Dag Khan, from RatedPeople.com said: ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle so it deserves to be treated as such.

    Your home is your most valuable asset so it comes as no surprise that so many of us are choosing to invest resources into improving them.

    This needn’t be a substantial cost either. Simple acts like painting your front door or changing your wallpaper are a great way of cheering up your home and ultimately, yourself.

    Small cosmetic changes are also an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home, yet can provide large returns.’

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