Houseplant trends 2019 – we reveal the foliage that’s growing popular this year

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  • Are spider plants out and sponge plants in? Is there still a lot of love for succulents? Let's find out!

    There are plenty of good reasons why you should fill your home with green in 2019. Let’s start with the scientific ones. With Britons spending a scary 90 per cent of their time inside, plants can provide some much needed anti-pollutants, ensuring the air we breathe is fresh and full of oxygen. Green is also proven as a colour to make us feel safe and content, and to boost our mood, so the more of it that surrounds us, the happier we are.

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    Then there are the aesthetic reasons. If you’re down about losing your Christmas tree, a large potted fern is the ideal substitute. And trailing plants look great in a bathroom, displayed in hanging macrame baskets and along windowsill.

    We asked plant enthusiast and houseplant buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres, Claire Bishop, to give us the lowdown on the hottest houseplant trends in 2019, including next year’s star plants.


    Image credit: Dobbies

    Trending houseplants 2019

    1. Monstera (cheese plant)

    2. Senecio (string of beads)

    3. Chlorophyllum (spider plant)

    4. Sansevieria (snake plant)

    ‘We are seeing a revival of retro plants,’ says Claire. ‘The demand for succulents also shows no sign of slowing down, with cacti sales up 60% this Christmas season compared to last year. It looks as though it’s a trend that is here to stay no matter what the season is.’

    ‘As a low-maintenance houseplant, succulents and terrariums are pretty easy to care for and look fantastic in groups,’ she adds. ‘They can instantly change the look and feel of a room, from industrial chic to jungle inspired bold botanicals.’

    How to make your houseplants look good and stay healthy


    Image credit: Dobbies

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    1. Re-pot your plants in the spring

    Your plant may seem happy enough, but it’s always a good idea to give it a new, bigger home every spring. Fill it with fresh soil filled and add plant food, so your plant has plenty of nutrients for the year ahead. ‘Some, such as orchids, have special feeds to encourage fruits and flowers rather than foliage,’ advises Claire.

    2. Keep on feeding

    Claire likes to feed her plants from March through to September, which is the traditional growing season.

    3. But don’t overwater them

    The good news for the not-so-green fingered is that the trendiest of plants barely need water. Too much love will kill them!

    4. If your plant isn’t happy, move it

    Some plants love shade, some love sun – and like us, most hate a draught. If your foliage isn’t thriving, try it in a different spot.

    5. Take a tip from our European neighbours

    On the continent, they tend to treat houseplants more like bouquets – once they’ve flowered, they’re thrown away. So rather than fight a lost cause, you could be better off ditching plants past their sell-by date.

    6. Take advantage of Dobbies’ potting service

    ‘Have a beautiful container but don’t have the time or the ‘grow-how’ to plant it?’ asks Claire. ‘Simply bring it into your local Dobbies store, pick your greenery and one of the Dobbies experts will plant it up free of charge, ready to revitalise your home.’

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