How do you drink yours? The type of coffee you drink could reveal your personality traits, according to new research

Are you a frothy-coffee lover or do you prefer it black with no frills? According to a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers by psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula, your hot beverage decisions could be more revealing than you think...

Are you sitting comfortably? And do you, perchance, happen to be sipping on a hot coffee-based beverage? How about your work colleagues?

If the answer is yes, then you may be surprised to learn that the type of coffee a person drinks may be more revealing about his or her personality than any quirky slogan mug, according to a new survey.

Observational research conducted on 1,000 coffee drinkers by clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula suggests that people who drink certain types of coffee may share similar personalities.

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Fans of extra-foamy coffee, such as cappuccino or decaffeinated coffee, were found to be obsessive and controlling, while latte drinkers were more likely to go out of their way to please others - although they tend to be more neurotic (sound familiar?!).

Meanwhile, it seems that black coffee drinkers prefer the simple things in life and, although they can be patient, they're also prone to moodiness and can be set in their ways.


Instant coffee drinkers are the most laid back of the bunch and may struggle with planning ahead. They also have an increased tendency for procrastination.

If you want to spot the trendsetters then look out for the frappuccino or sweet coffee drinkers. These individuals were found to be more socially bold than their hot-beverage-drinking counterparts. They also enjoy trying new things, although watch out - they can be a little reckless.


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As part of the research, detailed in Dr Durvasula's snappily titled book, You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life, participants were asked to select how they would deal with a number of different scenarios, including waiting in long lines and planning a dinner party.

They were then asked if they were coffee drinkers and what type of coffee they preferred to drink in order to establish behavioural patterns.

So how do you take yours? Mine's a cappuccino, not too hot with just a thin dusting of chocolate on top. And make it snappy!

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