Amazing Lego Christmas decorations you have to see

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  • Add a fun and flair to your traditional Christmas decorations this year with a liitle help from Lego

    Christmas brings the inner child out in everyone, so when we saw these fabulous Lego Christmas decorations we got a little excited – to say the least!

    Showing us ways to include everyone’s favourite toy into our Christmas decorating, these baubles, ornaments, wreaths and statues add a contemporary spin to traditional Christmas accessories.

    Lego decorations

    Lego wreath

    Lego isn’t just for inside the house. Why not show off your love of lego with a lego wreath. The best part about is that you can put it up year after year.

    Lego Santa

    Build your own reindeer to accompany Santa on his sleigh. Complete with antlers, red nose, eyes and reindeer hooves, this mini statue of Rudolph would make a fun ornaments to sit on windowsills or position amongst branches in the tree.

    Father Christmas bauble

    These custom made Lego tree decoration from Etsy will put Superhero Mini-figures front and centre on the Christmas tree. A true original, these fun pieces hang on candy cane stripped ribbons and would look great against a white, red or traditional green tree.

    Lego Nutcracker

    If you’re feeling ambitious, try your hand at building your own Lego Nutcracker just like this one. We love this Lego twist on the main character from the festive ballet.

    Lego Angel

    Top your Christmas tree with a homemade Lego Angel. We love these creative geometric angels complete white wings and a halo.

    Christmas Tree Ornaments

    These quirky Christmas trees can be hung anywhere to add some festive cheer – try the car, the mantelpiece or in a contrasting colour on the tree. Each decoration comes wrapped in a gift box.

    Buy now: Handmade Lego Tree Figure, £4 each, What’s That UK at Etsy

    Gingerbread House

    Lego Gingerbread House as seen on Pinterest

    This gingerbread house looks good enough to eat with multi coloured tiles and swirling candy canes. Build a Lego gingerbread house with your children this year for a contemporary spin on a Christmas tradition.

    Christmas Tree Bauble

    Build your own 26-piece Christmas tree and place it inside this clear bauble before hanging it centre stage. You can even add chunks of cotton wool to create a snow globe effect.

    Buy now: Lego Seasonal Holiday Tree Bauble, £16, Amazon

    Sleigh Statue

    Lego Sleigh as seen on Pinterest

    Hear the bells ring and the sound of 14 dancing hooves when you build a sleigh like this one.
    Create a modern nativity-like scene by placing it amongst other reindeer and Father Christmas ornaments.

    Build your own Bauble

    Lego Christmas

    Build your own baubles with these fun sets made from real Lego bricks – great for children’s stocking fillers. They are even available for custom order in various patterns and Christmassy themes.

    Buy now: Christmas Decoration with Lego(r) Bricks, £9.84 each, Bits and Badges at Etsy

    Christmas Wreath

    Lego Christmas

    We saw this Lego Wreath on Pinterest

    This brick wreath is constructed using foliage looking pieces, red berries and a prominent bow.
    Hang it from children’s bedroom doors to show Santa the way on Christmas Day.

    Snowflake Ornament

    Lego Christmas

    Blue Lego Snowflake as seen on Pinterest

    This twinkly ornament will sit in your tree like a real snowflake glistening under the glow of fairy light stars. It looks a bit fiddly but once it’s constructed you’ll be hanging them everywhere.

    Build yourself a Lego tree

    Forget the ornaments, if you’re a Lego super-fan, go all out and create your very own Christmas tree from the famous building bricks!


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    The found this tremendous tree on Pinterest, and although it’s very impressive and clearly took some time to construct we think any dedicated Lego fan could give it a go!

    Lego Christmas


    Merry decorating to all you fellow Lego elves out there.


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