Renters rejoice!'s genius new furniture is guaranteed to reduce the stress of moving

These flexible furniture designs from will become a renter's best friend

With renting on the rise for all generations, the need for bringing personal style to a rental has never been more important. After all, making a house a home shouldn't be for home owners alone.

Renting also brings with it the likelihood of more frequent moves. So this genius flexible furniture for renters is guaranteed to make it less of a slog.

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Made's top-level fixes – cushions, vases and wall art – will all bring a little unique character to the home. But the brilliant thing about this new collection is the bigger furniture pieces that don't compromise on style and are easy to pack up when the time comes to move on. Those clever designers at have created flexible furniture that mark high on the style stakes but will pack up or re-assembled in no time. Paven sofa

sofa with cushion grey wall and table with glass

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The Paven sofa ticks all the boxes for cool, contemporary style. The low back and piping detail all add to its sleek Scandi vibes, but hidden metal connectors that simply slide together means it won’t be defeated by narrow doorways and stairs. Oh and did we mention the budget-friendly price tag?!

Buy now: Paven 3 seater sofa, £499,

According to Design Director, Ruth Wasserman,'The MADE Essentials Nomad trend was born out of the growing number of consumers who make rental properties their homes. MADE felt the need to create furniture that renters could invest in, safe in the knowledge that they have the longevity to adapt to future homes, too.' Benn coffee table

white walls grey sofa with back cushions

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Buy now: Benn coffee table, £99,

Next up the Benn coffee table is all about form with function. The oak top simply lifts out of the colour-popping blue frame. It's easy to move, store and re-assemble without fear of losing any fiddly screws!

white walls wooden board leaves

(Image credit: TBC) Yumi extending shelves

cabinet with books white walls and lamp

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Don't miss the Yumi Extending Shelves when they are launched later this month. Their expanding design allows them to fit different sized alcoves or living spaces. So whether your next home is bigger or more bijou, there's no need to replace your display unit. 

Coming soon: Yumi Extending shelves, £279, Made 

white walls cabinet potted plants books

(Image credit: TBC) will also be introducing a Tesselate trio of rugs. Together they create one large floor filler that will bring colour to a neutral space. Or split them up into a hallway runner, bath mat and small rug – that's 3 for the price of 1! 

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Finally, a range that takes the worry out of spending on furniture for your rental home. Thanks!