You could save £300 on a new food processor with Magimix’s latest scheme

Just trade in your old model!
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  • The new Magimix trade-in scheme could save you £300 on the brands latest food processor, and the process is shockingly simple.

    If you’re looking to invest in one of the best food processors the trade-in scheme aims to help you responsibly dispose of your old model first. The scheme requires you to hand your old Magimix food processer to friends or family in exchange for a £300 discount on the new Cook Expert.

    Image credit: Magimix

    Magimix Trade-in scheme

    To take part in Magimix’s Trade-in, all you have to do is pass on your current processor (old or new) to a friend, family or local charity.

    You will need to register your trade-in on the Magimix website. Once you have registered, you will be sent a voucher code.

    Image credit: Magimix

    When you go to checkout to buy a new Magimix Cook Expert simply enter the promo code from the emailed voucher to get the £300 discount.

    It can be tricky knowing when to know when to trade in your old kitchen appliance. In reality, most appliances you might have picked up on a whim in a Black Friday kitchen sale could last for years and years to come.

    Image credit: Magimix

    In fact, Magimix gives most of its products a 30-year guarantee. However, the sad reality is that most households will only hold onto a gadget like this for a fraction of that lifespan.

    However, just because you’re hankering after the latest technology, there could be someone else who could benefit from your old machine. The new perks of the new scheme are multi-fold, not only will it help prevent appliances from ending up in landfills before they reach the end of their life, but it will also give someone the opportunity to own their own Magimix without the expense.

    This scheme really is good needs all round. If you are a self-proclaimed kitchen gadget nerd who loves trying out the latest model, this scheme is one for you.

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