Map it out: Find a wallpaper that’s right up your street – Love Maps On can make you a unique design based on your postcode!

Create a unique wallcovering for your home based on your postcode with this great new range of wallpapers

It's great to add a little individuality to a room when you decorate, so we were delighted to discover this new range of wallpaper from Love Maps On.

Map designs are a popular feature on wallpaper and home accessories, and it's easy to become spellbound by beautiful maps (or is that just us?) seen on everything from traditional globes, wallpaper, lampshades and wrapping paper.

living room with map printed wall

(Image credit: Love Maps On)

The difference with these wallpapers is that they can be personalised to create a map of your choice. Simply provide a UK postcode and the company will make a wallpaper design based on this area.


It's also possible to go for a beautiful vintage-style wallpaper; choose a design created using historical ordnance survey maps dating from the 1600s and 1800s and take a step back in time.

bedroom with map printed wall

(Image credit: Love Maps On)

The wallpaper costs from £120 for 150 x 150cm, however it can be created in a range of sizes.

Love Maps On was founded by four friends with backgrounds in cartography, GIS and marketing. 'We thought it was time to use our experience as map designers to create artwork for wall art and homeware,' says Jane Voss, Head of Cartography.

'We want to provide something unique and refreshing that brings maps into people's homes as art.'

These wallpapers have that rare quality in homeware - a design that is useful and beautiful. Something tells us that William Morris would have approved.

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