Your home is three times more likely to get burgled if you live in THIS area

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Hands up who needs a break?! Then thank goodness the summer holiday season is upon us. Whether you are jetting to the Carribean for two weeks or taking a mini-break in the UK, it’s no doubt something you’ve been looking forward to for months.

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However, there maybe something at the back of your mind that’s liable to spoil your enjoyment. And that’s the stress of leaving your home vacant for a length of time. The most disheartening thing that you can see when coming home from holiday is a window open, muddy footprints in your hallway and the TV gone.

The ONS has recently released its yearly figures on burglary across England and Wales. And it comes as no surprise that London topped the list as the most burgled area in the UK.

Most burgled area in the UK 2

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The figures show that you are almost three times more likely to be a victim of a burglary in London than the rest of the UK. The capital had 60,000 residential burglary reports in the last year, up 9 per cent from 2018.

Greater Manchester took second place as reporting the highest number of home burglaries. 21,774 thefts were reported, but this was down by 7 per cent from last year. The West Midlands and West Yorkshire closely followed in third and fourth position with 21,517 and 19,100 burglaries reported.

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The top four at-risk hotspots, aside from London, had almost double the number of burglaries reported as the rest of the county. However, it will come as a relief to homeowners that in most areas, burglaries seemed to be on the decline.

Most burgled areas in the UK

The full list of the top 10 most burgled areas in the UK included:

1. London
2. Greater Manchester
3. West Midlands
4. West Yorkshire
5. South Yorkshire
6. Lancashire
7. Kent
8. Essex
9. Thames Valley
10. Hampshire

However, before you let this talk of burglaries put a damper on your holiday break, there are plenty of simple ways to deter intruders. Visible security camera or burglar alarm will usually help send a would-be burglar packing.

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Former burglars have also revealed that a simple ‘beware of the dog’ sign can be enough to think again before breaking into your house.

The simplest deterrent is to get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on any suspicious goings-on near your property. Also if your neighbour has been feeding the cat get them to wait until your back to return the keys, rather than posting them through the letterbox. Burglars can fish keys out with something as simple as an old wire hanger.

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Where did your hometown land on the list?

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