This outdoor plant could help you sell your home… do you already have it in your garden?

Never underestimated a hint of flower power
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  • It’s a no brainer that gardens have a huge impact when attracting a potential buyer. If you’re looking to sell, we have the low-down on the most desirable outdoor plants that could help sell your home. 

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    Research by OnBuy  found that 67 per cent of buyers were more likely to view a house if it had a well-maintained garden. Tidying up the lawn, and getting on with a bit of weeding is a great place to start. However, some well-chosen plants can also work wonders. 

    To determine the most desirable garden plants for attracting a buyer, OnBuy surveyed 3,400 people. The results might surprise you. 

    Most desirable outdoor plants

    most desirable outdoor plants 1

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Hydrangeas landed the top spot with 78 per cent of respondents deeming them desirable. The bold flowers  look gorgeous and are easy to grow.

    Easy to care for was a common theme running through the most popular plants. Over half of those who responded said it was important that plants were easy to maintain. 

    most desirable outdoor plants 2

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    In second place was Lillies, with 71 per cent. Again these plants offer a lot of bang for your buck. Easy to maintain, they will continue to flower year after year.

    Lavender was found to be the third most desirable plant for the front garden. The evergreen shrub is perfect for recreating a Mediterranean look in your garden. There is also the added plus that its fragrance can help repel bugs.

    most desirable outdoor plants 3

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Shrub roses unsurprisingly cracked the top five most desirable plants. They are ideal for bringing an idyllic country feel to a home. The gorgeously scented mimosa followed in fifth place. 

    most desirable outdoor plants 4

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    You can see the full top 10 most popular garden plants with buyers below:

    1. Hydrangeas – 78% 
    2. Lilies – 71% 
    3. Lavender – 64% 
    4. Shrub Roses – 57% 
    5. Mimosa/Acacia dealbata – 51% 
    6. Petunia – 42% 
    7. Lilac dwarf flowerfest – 35% 
    8. Buxus topiary – 28% 
    9. Orchid – 23% 
    10. Rosemary – 21% 

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    Will you be stocking up on any of them at the garden centre this weekend?

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