Move over Boujis – bijoux is the new way to go, as teeny tiny flat that channels cocktail bar chic is looking for a private member

It’s interior design overlap at its best as a cosy flat that looks like a cocktail bar is currently on the market and just the thing for 24-hour party people…

You know when you're out in the swankiest of cocktail bars and think: "I love this place! I wish I could live here..." Now imagine that you have the keys to this place. Because this place - with its hip décor, faux-leather floors, central London location and balcony with Mayfair views - is yours for £625 per week... and you never have to leave.

bar with ceiling light and white chair

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This tiny London flat is being reported as one of the smallest to ever hit the market in Mayfair, central London. What it lacks in square-meterage, though, it more than makes up for in uniqueness and high-concept style. The interior design choices - from the richly veined black marble bar and dark ceiling to the gilt touches and shots of icy blue - all create an environment that is commercial on the surface, but warm at heart.


With the lines blurring between retail and domestic design ideals - think about the deluge of open-plan homes and the glut of bars that offer beds as seating - it's no wonder the merger of chic watering hole and comfortable home have come together in this way.

bedroom with cupboard and glass door

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Believe it or not, this is a fully functioning flat with kitchen amenities (hidden behind the bar), an equally stylish bathroom that reflects the cocktail-bar aesthetic (without ever having to queue for it) and a compact outdoor space.

potted plant with white chair and table

(Image credit: TBC)

Ready to take up private membership? The flat is currently on the market via Wetherell.

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