You can now buy Soho House’s iconic striped sun loungers – we've found the perfect budget lookalike

Get the exclusive Soho House look with these budget alternatives

Ardingly Outdoor Lounger, House Stripe, Red
(Image credit: Soho Home)

Soho House, the super stylish and exclusive private members club with locations all around the world, is known mainly for one thing - the striped sun loungers lining the institutions pools, reminiscent of the classically sun-soaked Miami lifestyle or the aesthetic of the just as iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. And now, the striped Soho House sun loungers can be yours thanks to Soho Home’s first garden furniture collection.

The 34-piece range launched at the end of last week and it’s truly some of the best garden furniture ranges we’ve seen. But it comes at a price. A rather high one. 

Take the Ardingly Outdoor Lounger in House Stripe, selling for a whopping £2,995. It’s a beautiful piece of garden furniture that we would love to have. But it’s a little bit outside our budget. So we started looking around for some lovely lookalikes – and we found the perfect one, if we do say so ourselves. 

It’s the Beliani Cesana garden lounger available at ManoMano, currently on sale for £259.99 (down from £379.99), saving you £2,735 compared to the Soho Home one. You could go on holiday for that amount and lounge at a hotel pool instead.

Ardingly Outdoor Lounger, House Stripe, Red

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Soho Home outdoor lounger dupe

The striped loungers can be spotted at most Soho House pools - if you ever have the privilege of having access to one of them, that is - from the London Shoreditch location to Babington House in Somerset or Soho Beach House in Miami. This is probably partly where the deckchair stripe trend originates from.

So having a piece of this chic, exclusive scene in our own outdoor spaces sounds like a dream come true. And if your budget allows for it, then we couldn’t recommend the Soho Home outdoor lounger more - complete with the multi-level reclining teak wood frame with back wheels and padded upholstery in red and white stripes, referencing the colourways of Shoreditch House.

But if, like us, you’re looking for more affordable options to emulate the look of the best sun lounger design, then the very similar Beliani garden lounger is just as lovely.

Made with acacia wood, this budget-friendly design also features an adjustable backrest with three levels and similar back wheels for easy moving around. The cushion stripes are wider and more classically deckchair style, and available in either sunny yellow or navy blue, rather than red. But that means you can emulate the Soho House in Istanbul or Mexico City with the yellow or Soho House in Miami and Chicago with the blue stripes.

And if you’ve already got your sun lounger sorted, you can just add the striped cushion like this one from B&Q to create the Soho House look.

Get the look

It’s going to be an elevated summer in the garden this year, indeed.

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