Moving day superstitions – why you should cancel if it's going to rain and bring a bunch of fennel with you!

These five traditions herald from all around the world!

Moving home can be one of life’s most challenging events, from packing up all your worldly possessions to the exhausting challenge of physically moving them into your new abode. But did you know there are many rituals and superstitions from around the world that are performed before any big move? Each is intended to help make the transition into a new property go as smoothly as possible.

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According to research conducted by Boom Online, countries like the Philippines and Ireland have special moving day traditions, like scattering coins in your living room, which are meant to bring luck to a new home.

So whether you’re moving house in the near future or just want a little extra luck for when the time comes, here are five moving home traditions from across the globe to consider.

Moving day superstitions

1. Exit where you entered

exterior of house with white walls wooden door and clay roof tiles

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Originating in Ireland, this tradition encourages any visitors to leave your new home through the same door they entered. While the exact reason for this isn’t 100 per cent clear, there are two possible explanations.

Firstly, it’s believed that leaving the property through a different door to the one you entered is just plain bad luck. However, others believe that exiting through the same door means you take any energy you brought into the home, like negative energy, with you.

2. Don’t move home if it’s raining

blue indigo wall book shelves wooden flooring and umbrella

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It’s unknown where this superstition originated from, but when you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. Not only is it believed to bring bad luck, but rain will also add to your stress as you run back and forth from the moving van, soaking yourself and your possessions. It’s also just generally unpleasant!

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3. Scatter coins

ropes with brush diary and coins

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In the Philippines, many people believe that if you scatter coins across your new living room, it will bring you prosperity. Which, considering the expense of properties and moving, can only be a good thing.

4. Hang fennel above your door

wooden spoon with fennel seeds and wooden board

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You may be more familiar with eating fennel than anything else. But many people believe that if you stuff fennel seeds in a keyhole or hang the root over your front door, it wards off witches. Thought to have originated in Medieval Europe, the herb can be used to protect you from bad luck and sorcery.

5. Bring bread and salt

brown bread with cheese in bowl and cloth with wooden table

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In Russian Jewish tradition, people believe that bread and salt are the first items that should be brought into a new home. These two items are important signs of hospitality, with bread signifying the new owners never experience hunger. Salt, meanwhile, ensures their life is full of flavour.

Will you be trying any moving day superstitions?