The new coronavirus burglary scam to be aware of

It involves people posing as 'Covid-19 testers'.
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  • It seems criminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak in an attempt to gain access to the homes of the elderly and vulnerable.

    A new burglary scam is on the rise, which involves culprits trying to enter homes by posing as health officials.

    Police have issued a warning after reports of people going door-to-door pretending to be ‘coronavirus testers’. It seems criminals are targeting the elderly and vulnerable people (those who are also most at risk of coronavirus), as they pretend to offer tests for Covid-19.

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    The authorities have warned that people who are cold-calling homes offering tests are not legitimate. They say that culprits have been stating that they are from the Department of Health.

    It’s believed that criminals are telling potential victims that they are taking people’s temperatures to help tackle the spread of the virus.

    Greater Manchester Police shared a warning on social media, posting, ‘Sadly, there are reports online that individuals may be taking advantage of the vulnerable, by posing as door-to-door Covid-19 testers in order to gain access to your home.’

    They advised that families should warn friends, relatives and neighbours that nobody official will be conducting ‘cold call’ testing.

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    A spokesperson from the Ashford Community Safety Unit (ACSU) said, ‘If someone calls at their home, they should refuse entry and call police using 999. There is no scheme currently being operated to take temperatures of the general public.’

    They stressed that there is absolutely no ‘cold calling’ being carried out by health officials in relation to tackling the virus and that anyone who receives a visit from a suspected culprit should notify the police immediately.

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