Could the most popular interior trends actually be devaluing your home?

From must-have Metro tiles to desirable dark paint colours, the results might surprise you...
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  • New research reveals some of today’s most popular interior trends could actually be devaluing our homes. A study carried out by the team at Rated People found many of the latest trends are guilty of making potential buyers less likely to buy your home.

    The list surprisingly includes some of the top design trends of now, from bath-less bathrooms and dark paint colours, to copper taps and painted floorboards.

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    The team analysed a sample of 820,000 jobs, from 3 million over the past three years to reveal the most popular decor and renovation trends of recent years that could cost you, when it comes to selling your home…

    Top 15 trends putting off potential buyers

    The study looks into renovation and interior design trends in the UK. The findings suggest anything that’s too bold or personal could make buyers less likely to see past the decor to envision the property as their own home.

    1. Rooms painted dark blue

    most popular interior trends devaluing homes dark paint colours

    Image credit: Trevor Richards

    This popular hue ranks top of the off putting trends, with 52 per cent. It does and doesn’t surprise us, because dark colours are very Marmite – we just happen to love them.

    2. Rooms painted dark grey

    Dark grey is marginally less hard to picture living with, just behind with 49 per cent.

    3. Bathrooms with no bath

    most popular interior trends devaluing homes bathroom with no bath

    Image credit: Jamie Mason

    This is a bathroom trend the experts say more and more of us are opting for, bathrooms with only a shower. Homeowners are sacrificing baths so they can have bigger and better shows. But with 43 per cent of the vote, could this be a washout when it comes to selling your home?

    4. Dark blue kitchen cupboards

    It’s one of THE most on-trend colours at current for kitchens, but it’s clearly not for everyones taste. Dark blue kitchen cupboards doors measures high with 41 per cent.

    5. Black taps

    Fashionable black taps and shower fittings could potentially put off 35 per cent of viewers.

    6. Painted floorboards

    Image credit: Richard Gadsby

    Is it the upkeep? The lack of carpet? Or just the look? perhaps all three, but painted floorboards attracted 35 per cent of the vote.

    7. Dark grey window frames

    It’s most like white UPVC are the safest option, because while dark grey window frames are fashionable 32 per cent would be put off.

    8. Dark grey kitchen cupboards

    most popular interior trends devaluing homes grey kitchens

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    It’s a familiar story with grey kitchen cupboards doors as it is with blue, with 31 per cent citing it wasn’t preferable to live with.

    9. Original sash windows

    Many period features might put off potential buyers, possibly due to a misconception of costs to upkeep or replace. whatever the reason original sash windows are not appealing to 31 per cent.

    10. Wooden double glazing

    Wooden windows will deter 31 per cent of buyers.

    11. Patterned floor tiles

    most popular interior trends devaluing homes patterned floor tiles

    Image credit: Jon Day

    It seems the saleability factor is to play it safe when it comes to floor tiles, because 29 per cent are not in favour of replacing patterned designs.

    12. Tiled floor in living spaces

    And 29 per cent would prefer us to avoid using filed flooring in living spaces, that aren’t bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.

    13. Copper taps

    Image credit: Chris Snook

    This trendy metallic finish is most likely to put 28 per cent potential buyers off when seen on kitchen sinks.

    14. White metro tiles

    This popular style of tile is not favoured by 28 per cent, used in bathroom with dark grouting. Play it safe with white grout?

    15. Open plan layout

    most popular interior trends devaluing homes open-plan living room

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    We can probably collectively blame Kirstie Allsopp for the open-plan living that 27 per cent aren’t in favour of.

    ‘We know from the many completed projects in our community that dark and bold colours can look great,’ says Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People.

    ‘But when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the features that buyers are looking for, because the trends that were adding value just two to three years ago might now be devaluing properties.’

    Image credit: Rated People

    By analysing over 820k historical jobs posted on the site, conducting a 51-question survey to 1,038 UK homeowners, and Q&A’s with over 600 of its tradespeople, the team at Rated People have pulled together its new ‘Home Improvement Trends Report 2020’ which highlights which interior trends can put-off prospective buyers.

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    So if you’re looking to sell should you rethink your decorating choices. To be on trend, or not to be… that is the question.

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