New treads: latest stats show carpet sales are increasing at their fastest rate since 1996

According to the latest CBI retail data, us Brits are moving away from stripped flooring and tiles and are opting for something all together more luxurious - carpet

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Sick of treading the boards? Well, apparently we've all had enough of bare floorboards, tiles and even laminate, as new stats reveal that, in the UK, carpet sales are on the rise.

Following years of stripped floors and stone tiles, new data from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) shows that carpet sales are growing at their fastest rate since 1996.

And that's not all: technology has advanced so much that now we're favouring digitally printed carpets with unique textured and patterned prints.

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Experts at the CBI say the increase in carpet sales is a result of Britain's recovering housing market.


However manufacturers have suggested the increase is due to new trends, as more people favour the luxury look that carpet offers.

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Carpet companies now have new manufacturing capabilities, such as the pioneering High Definition Weave.

The technology, available from Brintons, encourages consumers to choose more daring carpet designs than ever before.

The company has reported a rise in sales of patterned and textured carpets and put it down to the practical (and stain-disguising) benefits of these designs.

Kelly Butler, Brintons Design Manager, said: 'Stripes can be effortlessly twinned with a number of other plain and indeed differently patterned carpets. Given the flexibility this creates, Brintons can see striped carpets continuing to thrive.'

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So, are you a carpet fan? You've got to admit it's lovely and cosy underfoot... Or do you favour the traditional look of bare floorboards?

Here at Housetohome we still can't decide...

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