From today broadband companies are required to tell you if your contract is coming to an end

Don't be caught out without a contract
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  • As of today, you can wave goodbye to being automatically switched to a more expensive broadband tariff. From the 15th February, broadband, pay-TV and mobile phone providers will have to send end of contract notifications to customers.

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    The new rule comes after Ofcom decided in May last year that companies should be required to let customers know when their minimum contract period was coming to an end.

    Ofcom end of contract notification regulations

    If you’re one of the 8.8 million broadband customers who has been caught out by your contract coming to an end you’ll probably be letting out a cheer. There’s nothing worse than finding an extra £5 disappearing to your broadband provider without you realising.

    end of contract notifications

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    However, it gets better. Companies will have to send notification between 10 and 40 days before the end of a contract. This should include when the contract ends and any changes to the service or price at the end of that period.

    But, the notification will also have to include information on the best tariffs available from their provider. You will easily be able to see if you are getting a good deal or losing out as it will show prices available to new customers. Making the process of deciding whether to switch and save much easier.

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    ‘Until now, provided have been content to allow loyal customers to pay a great deal more than new subscribers,’ comments Matt Powell, editor at Broadband Genie. ‘Many broadband deals are sold with discounts for the initial contract term. These are often good value for the first 12 or 18 months the cost after the discount ends can be substantially higher. ‘

    ‘Regularly switching will let you take advantage of the latest offers, and perhaps get you a faster connection,’ he advises. ‘And if you don’t want to switch you should always negotiate with the provider at the end of your contract term to see if a better deal is available.’

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    Do you know if your contract is coming to an end soon? You will after today.

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