Pay what you can 'afford' to live in an epic £3 million London townhouse. So what's the catch?

As SpareRoom's founder lists his house on the site on a 'pay what you can afford basis', this may be your only chance to live in a multi-million pound house in London for next to nothing

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Fancy living in a multi-million pound pad in central London but can't afford it? Well, now you can.

Founder of the flat share site SpareRoom, Rupert Hunt, is looking for two flatmates to live in his £3 million pad in Spitalfields, East London with him.

In the video announcing his unusual flatmate hunt, Rupert says: ‘I've decided to take a 'pay what you can afford' approach because I'm far more interested in getting the right people than maximising my rent.'

So, who are the right people?

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Well, judging from the tour of the house, you've got to love eccentric taxidermy. Almost every room is filled with life-size bears, vibrant blue peacocks and eerie fox heads.

As a keen double bass player, Rupert would love it if his new roommate could play a few tunes on the piano and join him for a jam in the music room fitted with instruments handed down to him by his Granny.

piano in the piano room

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Rupert says he is, ‘moderately tidy/untidy, so if you're OCD you'll probably hate living with me, but equally if you were very messy you'd probably drive me mad.'

With two overgrown and neglected garden spaces, one ground level and one rooftop, he also recognises the need for a gardener.

So, if you are a taxidermy fanatic, piano enthusiast, a little green fingered and only moderately tidy, read on...

round table with chair in backside

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The period townhouse is fitted rich furniture that seems to reject everything modern (even central heating) and celebrates the history of both his family and the build.

Born into a family who owned a peacock farm, Rupert has multiple stuffed birds alongside regal paintings of family members that look fitting in this little Downton in the city.

door for kitchen and disco lounge

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A music room, garden, AGA-fitted kitchen and disco lounge will definitely keep prospective housemates busy listening to old vinyl records when they've stumbled home from the pub. You can also relax in the garden room alongside headless statues.

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The largest of the two bedrooms up for rent would be perfect for a couple with plenty of living space and a beautiful bathroom complete with roll top tub and photos of Norwegian fish...

bed with bedside table

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bath tub in bathroom with wall frame

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The second bedroom is slightly smaller with a petite en-suite but far brighter with beautiful Jacobean-style window settings.

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The only catch is that this place may be a little haunted...Rupert is sure that housemates will be living amongst the supernatural.

So if you are still interested in living with this kooky young millionaire on a ‘pay what you can afford' basis, then get an ad up online so Rupert can ‘see what you are about.'

Heather Young

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