Pearl and Daisy Lowe reveal their bedroom styling tips

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Pearl and Daisy Lowe are possibly the most stylish mother and daughter duo ever, well-known and admired for their effortless, boho chic. So when they took on the Mother's Day Design Challenge, and each redecorated their own bedrooms with curtains and blinds from Hillarys, we were eager to pick up a few tips.

Here are our favourite words of design wisdom from the pair...

1. It's worth taking your time to get colours just right

bed room with cream wall and looks attracted in pale pink curtain and blinds

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Pearl is a self-confessed lover of pink. But not just any shade of pink will do. ‘In this room, I decided to go with a pale pink and cream combo,' she tells us. 'Pink is quite a difficult colour when you're decorating. There are a lot of pinks out there and they can scream at each other, so you have to be really careful. I think these curtains are absolutely spot on. They're a lovely shade – pale but tasteful – so they go beautifully.’

'At first when I was looking at the colour of the curtains, I thought "is it going to go with the wallpaper?". I was wondering whether we should have cream, but I'm so pleased I went with the pink,' Pearl adds. 'They've made the room.'

2. Soft furnishings can be practical and beautiful

dressing table with glass top beside pale pink curtain

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Pearl is thrilled with her faux-silk curtains, and not just because they look beautiful. 'The reason why I've gone for thermal lining is that it's a big old house and it's very draughty, and the lining will keep the heat in,' she says. 'But I also really like the full look it gives the curtains. It makes them look glamorous and scrumptious and cosy at the same time.'

Similarly, Daisy appreciates the blackout lining on her ticking blinds. 'It was very important because I love my sleep and I find it impossible to sleep with too much light.'

3. Can't afford 1920s furniture? Look to the 1970s, instead

corner side of the bed room with royal chair and dressing table

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Pearl is lucky enough to have a genuine 1920s antique in her bedroom – a stunning mirrored dressing table, which she bought about 15 years ago. There's also a gorgeous piano shawl on the bed.

'I'm absolutely obsessed with the Twenties,' says Pearl, 'but it's really hard to find Twenties furniture – almost impossible. And when you do it's super expensive. I feel like in the Seventies, they kind of copied the Twenties, but in a really accessible way. So I think the next best thing is to find Seventies pieces, like my peacock chair. Bamboo furniture can get you that lovely Boho feel but without having to pay a fortune.'

Pearl, of course, gave the chair a glamorous makeover, spraying it off-white and adding a pink cushion so that it's totally in keeping with the elegant boudoir look she's created.

4. For a cosy look, don't stick to one pattern or fabric

bed room with white soft fabric blanket on classy bed

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When Daisy was dressing her bedroom, she was eager to create 'Somewhere very calm and relaxing that I could just come into and completely switch off.' And mixing textures and patterns played a major role in that.

'I've gone for lots of different cosy textures – some sheepskin, some more quilted things linen, all very tactile,' says Daisy. 'At the windows I've introduced a bit more madness. I've chosen to mix a couple of prints together. I love the ticking fabric with the toile – it's a fabulous mixture.'

5. But less can sometimes be more!

bed room with wooden flooring and blue printed curtain

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'My taste is very much based around vintage, antique and old things,' says Daisy. 'As I get older I'm also enjoying more sparcity. The first house I ever decorated was so busy with so many colours and so many prints. Whereas with this home, I thought it was important for it to be really clean, and very relaxing, very neutral. But I do love the key antique pieces. They make me really happy!'


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