A new estate agent is offering potential buyers the chance to test drive a house before investing

Try before you buy
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  • When moving to a new home it can be nerve-wracking handing over all that money before you have even spent a night there. However, a new online platform Potential Pads is now offering interested buyers the chance to try before they buy.

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    The online estate agents, Potential Pads, based in Wales will allow people to not only view potential property’s but also give them a test drive. Interested buyers can stay for a night, week or even a month before choosing to put a deposit down. The service will cost you, but it is certainly cheaper than paying for a house and discovering that your neighbours are louder than the Osbournes when you move in.

    Potential pads

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    Potential Pads works a little bit like AirBnB with potential buyers and sellers liaising for a convenient time for buyers to stay in the home before putting in an offer.

    Before you get too excited about giving the home of your dreams a test night sleep, the website currently only has five properties for sale. The majority of which are mansions worth millions.

    Potential pads

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    So unless you have a spare £22 million lying around, you might need to wait a while before houses closer to the average UK house price have a similar service.

    One of the properties currently listed on the website is based near Knutsford, Cheshire and on the market for £22 million. To stay just one night on a trial will cost potential buyers £4,500.

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    However, if the potential buyers choose to invest they will get 50 per cent of that fee back.

    ‘It is a platform that helps weed out the time waters and is an incentive that speeds up the selling process of a property, all the while making money for the seller before the property has to be sold,’ Lynne Maplanka, founder and director of Potential Pads told This is Money.

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    Would you pay to stay in a potential home before laying down a deposit down?

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