Sarah Beeny reveals her top tip to get the most out of a decorating budget

If you're thinking of giving your home an update, take note of this expert tip

We spoke to TV host and property expert Sarah Beeny for some tips on decorating our homes. As well as considering who is using the space and how you want it to feel, your budget is of course a crucial factor.

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Sarah has shared one key piece of advice for making the most out of your decorating budget. She says we should always focus on making one room amazing, rather than attempt to tackle more than one space at once.

hallway with tiled flooring and side table

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Sarah Beeny's budget tip

'If you've got a budget, and you try and spread it throughout everywhere, I always think that's a mistake,' she begins.

'You're better off thinking, "I've got this budget, I've got one room I'm going to do really, really well, and it's going to be fabulous!" Rather than trying to spend a little bit of money everywhere,' Sarah adds.

She argues that there's simply no point trying to decorate the whole house on a tiny budget. Instead of being overly ambitious, Sarah recommends we go all-out with one room.

bathroom with bathtub and shower

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Later down the line, you can move on to do another room. The simple tip will help us to slowly transform our homes into spaces we just love being in - without breaking the bank.

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Talking of mistakes, she also says that it's essential to get the foundations of the building right first and foremost - this might swallow a chunk of your budget, but this is not an area you want to scrimp on. 'You need to start with the structure. You have to start with making sure the building is watertight and sound, making sure your plumbing and electrics are good.'

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If your house has damp, read our guide on how to get rid of damp, condensation and mould.

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Sarah Beeny's new show Renovate Don't Relocate is on HGTV and available to stream on discovery+

Which room will you be decorating first?

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