Seven foot wide house for sale for nearly £900,000

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  • This Tardis-like property may not look big, but amazingly, it has three bedrooms, two studies, two roof terraces and a garden

    It seems like it’s definitely the time for petite properties to go on sale in London. Following on from the 26 sq m Chelsea home we wrote about last week, there’s now another compact house on the block.


    Miraculously, there seems to be no lack of space in this seven-foot-wide house, which has three bedrooms, a kitchen, reception room, bathroom and two studies, plus two roof terraces and a garden.


    The property’s secret seems to be its layout and the fact that it’s spread over four floors, which gives the place a much greater sense of space than you would imagine. The outdoor areas are a big help as well, allowing easy access to the leafy streets and great views from up high.

    Roof-terrace-seven-foot- house-hammersmith

    Also, despite its narrow shape, the Brackenbury Village house is not actually that small. At 92 sq m, it’s larger than the average three-bedroom new-build in the UK.


    Built in the 1850s, the property is reputed to have been a Victorian laundry, with a stream running along beside it to supply water. It was originally a detached home, but later became part of a terrace.


    Estate agents Dexters have put this dinky dwelling on the market for £855,000, which is very much more expensive than the average property in the UK. However, it is cheaper than the average home in Hammersmith, which is £949,265, according to Rightmove.


    The house is a freehold, has easy access to transport and is where the smart set want to hang out – so it has heaps going for it. Admittedly, furniture may require some thought, and narrow desks and furnishings will be your friends. Bedside tables will not be possible. But we say there are always ways to tackle these things – wall-mounted lights and compact shelves would work wonders, for example.

    Plus, we’re never ones to be defeated by an awkward-shaped space. And while it may be a cliché, sometimes size really doesn’t matter.

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