Super organised sheds to swoon over

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  • Organised garden huts that will make you green with envy

    If you enjoy spending time pottering in the garden, then having an organised tool shed is a must.

    Keeping all your tools, pots and plants in order, the shed can prove your new outdoor sanctuary during the summer and winter months. Keeping it organised is a must – you don’t want mud being traipsed in here, nor do you want a chaotic mess in which nothing can be found until next year’s spring clean

    Here are a few formidably organised sheds you will swoon over…

    The paint job

    This tidy number looks simple and elegant in a white wash. To make it feel homely and less shoddy, add a couple of shelves for space to store and display items, and put up a couple of hooks for hanging bits off the ground.

    Pin the sachet on the board

    This simple board covered in a hessian sack fabric works wonders as a pin board for the shed. Never lose those gardening leaflets or sachets of seeds again with this cunning organisation technique.

    Peg it

    A more traditional looking shed with a rustic appeal, this organised number uses hooks to hang muddy tools off the ground, keeping it tidy and clean. These wicker baskets are also great outdoor storage choices – they’re practical and they create a country garden vibe.

    Stick it on the wall

    Upcycle an old wall unit from the house with a little paint and secure it to the wall of your shed. The unit keep work surfaces clear, leaving you space to do some indoor potting.

    File it away

    These pigeon-holes are a great filing system – large enough to pile pots and the perfect place to chuck things in that don’t have already have a home, while still looking tidy.

    Potty for potting

    This potting shed is the potter’s dream – fitting all essential tools in a small space, with room to harvest your vegetables indoors. The exposed brick keeps the look rustic, with potting riddles hung for decoration.

    Workbench wonder

    Multiple organisation systems are in place in this shed – there’s the workbench with shelves and drawers, and there are hooks to hang up other bits and bobs. It is so tidy in fact, that even items from the home with no place to live are stored in here.

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