5 unusual but useful bits of smart tech for the home

Which tech trends feature in your home?

What futuristic bits of home tech have we seen so far this year? Mobile phone insurance provider, Insurance2go, has compiled a list of the top 5 most unusual, yet must-have, smart tech for the home that we never knew we needed.

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1. In the bedroom

mobile phone with wireless charger

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Wireless charging is just ingenious. A simple idea that’s most commonly seen in bedside tables and lamps, and perfect for keeping your smartphone charged up at the most convenient spots around the house. This is a trend we’re likely to see a lot more of in 2018, perhaps in other items of furniture too!

2. In the bathroom

Those who enjoy singing in the shower, rejoice! Shower radios are back and better than ever (which, admittedly, wasn’t hard). This time, bluetooth shower-heads let you stream your favourite music, news or radio from your phone to the shower, without the fear of your smartphone getting water damaged.

3. Smart kitchen appliances

smart kitchen

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2017 showed that there’s plenty of tech being introduced which can help us out in the kitchen; smart appliances such as smart fridges, cookers, and even wine bottles are not only making life easier, but healthier, too. Promising to be the ultimate all-in-one, smart microwaves will cook ‘healthier’ fried food, prove dough and even make fresh yoghurt! Depending on which smart appliance you own, the ability to control temperature, count calories and even see images of what’s inside of your fridge is easily accessible from your smartphone.

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4. For the office

Storing 14 GB of memory, USB furniture is designed for users to share information with each other in a more unorthodox way. Teams can now plug in their phones, hold brainstorms and client calls without being restrained to their desks. Not only does this make working together more flexible in terms of workspace, it’s also an extremely convenient way of instantly sharing ideas and provides the possibility to make presentations more creative and interactive.

5. Around the house

amazon alexa

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon’s Alexa is useful all around the house, but popping it in the kitchen means it will be able to help read out recipes with the food you already have. Alexa can also connect to your smartphone, even when you’re not at home, meaning you can set it up to brew your coffee or control the temperature of your fridge before you get in, as long as you download the Amazon app. Alexa can also count the calories for you, convert measurements and compose a shopping list.


'The world of tech is developing rapidly and it’s great to see how some of these new inventions have already reached the home,' explains Gary Beeston, Marketing & Sales Director of Insurance2go.

'We’re at the in-between stage where concepts from sci-fi classics such as ‘Back to the Future’ are becoming a reality. We still have our traditional home comforts, but being able to have complete control over our lives by tapping our smartphones may be where we’re heading, giving us more time to do what we love and the opportunity to be more spontaneous.'

What home tech features in your humble abode?

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