Some like it hot: women turn up the heat on their partners as 44% insist on a warmer home

Be honest, do you fight over the central heating? According to new research it's a hot topic for festive arguments, as if there wasn't enough to be stressed about

Ah Christmas, the season of goodwill, peace to all men, oh and the
obligatory family row.

As the cold weather settles in it's time for the
annual heated debate about the central heating and just what temperature
the thermostat should be set at. Sound familiar?

According to research by Honeywell,
over half of UK households (54%) confess to quarrelling about their
home's heating with 20% of people ending up in a different room because they prefer their heating at a different temperature.
Now that's not very sociable!

snug fireside with christmas games

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But the biggest divide, according to this survey, is along gender lines
with 44% of women wanting the heating warmer, compared with just 28% of


But not only are we arguing about what temperature to turn the dial to;
11% of arguments are also about the timing of heating settings.

country living room with open fire

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Just how late into the evening do have the heating on? Do you like to be greeted by a toasty home the minute you walk through the door, or are you firmly in the 'wear an extra sweater and save the fuel bill' camp? It's a thorny issue.

Here at Housetohome
we're very familiar with the thermostat debate. Our offices are set at a
toasty temperature that makes winter dressing a multi-layered affair.

cosy textural living rooms

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We arrive in duffel coats and scarves and strip off to T-shirts as soon as the office hots up, leading to much seasonal confusion.

But don't fall into the temperature trap this winter, pick a happy medium that you can all agree on, add an extra sweater if necessary and get on with enjoying the holiday season at home. Save the family arguments for what to watch on TV instead. Will you be watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special or the new Sherlock Holmes? Discuss!

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