Space oddity: we may have small homes, but Brits dream big with Jacuzzis, fish tanks and mini bars topping our interior wish lists

A new survey shows that we all want more space in our homes – and if we had room we’d squeeze in walk-in wardrobes and tropical fish tanks

It's a common problem for us Brits - our homes are just too small. But despite this, we can't help but dream of what we would add to our homes if only we had the room.

According to new research from self-storage company Lovespace, a walk-in wardrobe is top of the wishlists of 43% of Brits.

The survey of of 2,000 adults also revealed that we dream of luxe
living. An indoor pool is the next most popular choice (43%), followed
by a Jacuzzi (yes - we want our homes to be just like spa hotels).

We also want to have fun by adding pool tables (27%), mini bars, tropical fish tanks and, wait for it, grand pianos (15%) to our homes.


Some of us just want the chance to indulge our hobbies, with space for our wine collection (18%), microbrewery or even a model train set.

But finding space for these things is the biggest challenge, which comes as no surprise, as earlier this year research by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), revealed that an average one-bedroom home in the UK has shrunk to the size of a Jubilee tube train carriage.

And with land at a premium, developers are building new homes on a small scale - often no bigger than 46 square metres.

'Space is the perennial problem for Brits,' says Steve Folwell, MD of Lovespace. 'House prices are continually escalating and many families can't afford to move up the property ladder if they outgrow their home.

'By relocating non-everyday essentials or decluttering, families can free up space they didn't think they had.'

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