Three clever room dividers to give the family their own space at home

Room dividers are a clever solution for open-plan living

As well as bringing more light and a feeling of space into the home, open-plan living spaces help families feel connected. Kids can be at the dining table doing homework whilst parents are in the kitchen or working, everyone can be going about their day independently whilst being in sight.

However, with lockdown, these once a day activities have become all day, every day in many homes and a little separation would be a welcome option. Spaceslides room dividers have nailed the solution – they are flexible enough to give you open plan when you need it and close off areas when it’s needed.

They are made-to-measure doors and are available in bespoke designs that will suit the size and shape of your home.

1. Spaceslide's best room divider for light-flow

transparent room dividers separating a living room into two separate spaces, one with a white display unit and gold lamp and the other showing the reflection of a bed and crystal chandelier

(Image credit: Spaceslide)

The clear glass divider, is transparent, still allowing plenty of light and full view. The thin frame doesn’t interfere with modern architecture and clean lines of a seamless space.

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We asked Will Gough, Commercial Director at Spaceslide, how these room dividers can help during lockdown:

‘With homes busier than ever and many parents trying to balance remote working with full-time parenting and teaching, room dividers offer the perfect opportunity to create designated space for each member of the family.'

'By separating a larger room into two zones, parents can concentrate on work in a quieter space, while children learn or play in eyeshot just the other side of the divider. ‘

2. Spaceslide's best room divider for privacy

a white living space with full length window, a light coloured buttoned mattress seat on top of a long shaggy cream rug, and a frosted room divider sectioning off a dining area

(Image credit: Spaceslide)

Buy now: Signature Room Divider Single Panel Translucent Glass with Nickel Frame, from £1,208, Spaceslide

'Whilst open-plan living remains popular, we are seeing more and more cases of homeowners wanting to section the space in their home, creating cosier, quieter or more private areas', explain Will Gough

3. Spaceslide's best room divider for a colour pop

a white and grey bedroom with mirrored room dividers with blue panel across the middle and a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling

(Image credit: Spaceslide)

The door designs are bespoke, so you can get creative and choose whether you want one or all of the doors in one of the 11 colour options, including Blush or Dark Blue, or go for a panelled design and add colour to any of the sections – making it work with your interior colour scheme or to add an accent shade to a white space.

As Will recommends, 'If light isn’t a factor, you can get really creative with style options by having a different finish on each side of the divider'.

Buy now: Signature Room Divider 3-Panel Mirror and Dark Blue Glass with Titanium Frame, Spaceslide

Which one would you choose?