The savvy reason many households are ditching radiators – and getting 'better' heating

Could this new system change the way we heat and cool our homes forever?

Are radiators set to be switched off for good? Fear not – before you have notions of freezing cold winters ahead, the reason for this is a ground-breaking new design in home heating.

The Unico System is a smart new offering from the US, which as well as heating homes also offers, cooling and ventilation. All of which are done so via discrete ceiling outlets that resemble LED spotlights. Meaning the end of bulky and unattractive, wall-mounted radiators taking up much-needed space.

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What is the Unico System?

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(Image credit: The Unico System)

More and more savvy self-builds are exploring cooling, ventilation and air filtration systems for homes. As a way of improving both the condition and quality of the air we breathe indoors.

Ventilation, such as that offered by the Unico System, has been identified by the Health & Safety Executive as a key way of reducing the risk of viruses living indoors.

Without ventilation viruses and other disease and allergen causing contaminants can get trapped within homes. Ventilation introduces fresh outside air and helps to remove these contaminants by allowing internal air to leave the property.

The technology uses aspiration to deliver draft-free heating and cooling, ensuring temperature differentials are no greater than one degree throughout the home.

The Unico System energy usage

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(Image credit: The Unico System)

Operating at much lower temperatures, the Unico System uses significantly less energy than a traditional radiator system. 97 per cent of the energy used is delivered to the conditioned rooms – making the system significantly more efficient than conventional heating and cooling solutions.

The Unico System reduces humidity by 30 per cent more than standard air conditioning units. Therefore less cooling is needed to achieve a comfortable room temperature. Handy for the record-breaking temperatures we've been seeing in recent years.

The near silent system operates at under 30 decibels, making it much quieter than conventional air conditioning units.

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The modern system is fully compatible with all heat sources, Including boilers and heat pumps. It can also be used to deliver heating, cooling and ventilation both now and after the cut-off for gas boilers in new-build homes.

Installation costs from £3,500 for a three-bed property, dependant on its size and the building type.


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