7 things we learned about apartment living from Friends

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  • Here are some invaluable interiors lessons to learn from the much-missed show…

    Your home should be somewhere you (and your nearest and dearest) love to spend time in – and who better to learn from than a few of our closest Friends… Could these ideas be anymore influential?

    1. The importance of good seating

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Ah Rosita. Joey loved his reclining chair so much he named it – a true testament to the fact that nothing beats a comfy chair/sofa. Whether or not it can hold a cup for you and store your remote is optional.

    2. A little obsessive cleaning never hurt anyone

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    You like things organised. And clean. Like really clean. Monica clean. You don’t own a car but if anyone’s in need of soap and a bucket (and carnauba wax and polishing compound), you’re their first point of call. Everything has a place – and that is where it will live, forever. Coasters are important. Other people may think they can clean, but really, you’re only going to do it all again when they’re done. Although when you’re vacuuming your vacuum you may have taken it too far.

    3. Open-plan living

    Image credit: David Giles

    Let’s face it, we all had Monica and Rachel apartment envy (and then Chandler and Joey when they lost that bet and had to swap)… A huge open-plan living space created the perfect environment for huge Thanksgiving dinners, surprise parties and intimate evenings.

    4. Keep things in proportion

    Image credit: Damian Russell

    Whether you’re going for the ceramic zoo look (Joey’s fake dog, take your bow) or just have a penchant for interesting sculptures, be sure to choose furniture and accessories in proportion to the space you’re going to keep them in. If you’re limited on space, large items will make a room feel much smaller.

    5. There’s no shame in a clutter cupboard

    Image credit: Jody Stewart

    You might be a total neat freak, but it’s okay to have a secret stash of junk. Whether it’s a box of who knows what under your bed or a drawer full of all those letters ‘you’re going to get around to dealing with’, we’ve all got an area of our home that isn’t totally spic and span… you know, that stuff that ‘doesn’t fit into any category’ (any excuse).

    6. Embrace your balcony

    Image credit: Homes & Gardens

    Not only will it provide you with a space for all those intense private conversations, but it’s your own private bit of outdoor space in your garden-less life.

    7. Keep it fun

    Image credit: Matthew Williams

    You may not have a foosball table in your kitchen, but your home should reflect who you and are what you love. Whether that’s big ugly dog statues, reclining chairs or purple painted walls.

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