The upside-down plant pot turning Christmas decorating on its head

Trees on ceilings is the latest potty idea to come our way...
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  • This Sunday marks the first day of advent, meaning the large majority of trees will be going up. For those looking for an alternative way to display their Christmas Tree, the Boskke Sky Planter has been suggested to mix things up.

    The award-winning plant pot invites you to hang your tree from the ceiling. Yes, your heard that right…the ceiling.

    ‘If you don’t have much space, the ceiling is the obvious place to grow, ‘ says its designer Patrick Morris. Well that’s one way to keep it safe from pets and children!

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    The Upside down Sky Planter

    Sky planter

    Sky Planter Ceramic, priced from £45

    The quirky upside-down plant pot uses an innovating slo-flo irrigation system, to feed moister to your plants for up to two weeks at a time.

    Fear not about it feeling like it’s raining inside, the irrigation system ensures  water poured from above into the pot, is fed directly into the plant’s roots with no drips escaping.

    sky planter by Boskke

    With a focus on the fun task of decorating the tree, we perhaps might not think about the environmental impact. That being when we turf them out once festivities are over.

    ‘The UK buys as many as 8 million natural Christmas trees each year, ‘ reveals a Boskke spokesperson. ‘Sadly around 7 million of these trees are discarded as soon as the festive period is over.’

    The urban gardening brand is encouraging us to keep our potted, living Christmas trees all year round.  To help preserve potted trees, faced with central heating, they have created a clever little device that allows you to feed water gradually to the roots.

    The smart new Totem watering cone uses slo-flo irrigation technology to keep our pines refreshed and healthy.

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