Which Mad Men character's style would you steal?

From Don Draper's luxe living room to Peggy Olson's Beatnik bedroom, we've picked our favourite looks inspired by Mad Men's retro interiors

Have you only just discovered Mad Men? If so, lucky you! We recently found ourselves rewatching the box sets on catch up, and drooling over those retro interiors. But which character's style would you steal? Is it the impeccably glamorous Joan Harris, the prim and proper Betty Francis or the brilliant but troubled Don Draper? We've got a soft spot for Peggy Olson, but we'll let you be the judge...

Don Draper

retro living room with grey sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

The star of the show seems to style his interiors as he lives his life - with a dark edge. We can just imagine him recovering from one too many Old Fashioneds on this charcoal sofa, with those thick curtains drawn and the lights down low.

retro bedroom with black velvet bed

(Image credit: TBC)

This wood-panelled bedroom reminds me of Don's encounter with a group of
wealthy nomads in Los Angeles at the end of season 2. But forget
handsome Don - we've been seduced by the velvet bed.

Peggy Olson

retro bedroom with white wall and wooden bedside table and lamp

(Image credit: TBC)

Her bijou apartment might not be in the best neighbourhood, and it's definitely a 'fixer-upper', but it's as quirky and charming as the woman herself. She's crammed it full of her favourite furniture, which is why we think she'd love this bedroom with its mismatched pieces. There's also a desk, in case inspiration should strike in the wee small hours.

Megan Draper

retro living area with sofa and cushions and arm chair

(Image credit: TBC)

Don's second wife has so far stayed away in LA, where she went to pursue an acting career. Her apartment is a love letter to open-plan living, much like this cool space. Can you imagine the view if those windows looked out over the Hollywood Hills? We can
certainly see her sitting around this spot entertaining her actor friends. Zou Bisou Bisou indeed!

Betty Francis

dining area with white wall and dining table with chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

We've watched her go from model to homemaker to politician's wife, and while she might not be the best mother, she sure knows how to throw a dinner party. This traditional setting would be the perfect place to wine and dine her husband's associates and perhaps forge her own career.

lounge area with white wall and white chaise

(Image credit: TBC)

Roger Sterling

The monochrome office of the dapper Mr Sterling is a shrine to 20th-century design. Watch and you'll spot a Saarinen table, Le Corbusier convertible sofa and chaise longue, Poul Volther's Corona chair and an Arco floor lamp, among other classic pieces.

Stealing his style wholesale is a bold move, so why not dial it down and create a corner in homage to the man instead, with a designer chaise like this one?

Joan Harris

blue bedroom with floral wallpaper

(Image credit: TBC)

Last but not least, we have possibly the most glamorous TV character ever to grace our screens. We think Joan's bold,
sassy, glamorous self would love this equally bold, sassy and glamorous boudoir. Besides, the girl deserves some luxury after all she's been through at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce!

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