Zoflora manufacturers warn cleaning fans against trying the latest Mrs Hinch hack

Always read the label first

Cleaning fans are being warned not to try 'dangerous' common tip for scenting homes using Zoflora. Despite Mrs Hinch's recommendation.

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Zoflora Manufacturers have warned customers against trying a new trend of adding boiling water to Zoflora to scent their homes. The manufacturers said that the popular scented disinfectant should not be mixed with boiling water. Why? Because the results 'have not been tested.'

Zoflora tip warning

Cleaning guru Sophie Hinchcliffe, also known as Mrs Hinch, came under fire from fans for recommending the tip on her Instagram stories. She shared a video of Zoflora being added to boiling water, with the caption 'The only way I can work out if I like a new scent of Zoflora! I'll know instantly when I wake up in the morning and walk into the kitchen.'

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The tip divided fans with many warning that using the disinfectant in this way can be very dangerous.

'Can't believe I'm having to write another warning... please please please DO NOT MIX Zoflora with boiling water' posted one concerned Mum to the Mrs Hinch Made me Do It Facebook page. 'It is a disinfectant. It is NOT meant to be inhaled. I am obviously not talking about when being used for cleaning. I am talking about leaving it out on a counter all night with the sole purpose of the 'fragrance' filing the room/house'.

Another mum wasn't convinced, writing 'Surely it’s no different to leaving it in your mop bucket ?? If I have some that I’ve made up I don’t throw it down the sink I leave it till next time?'.

A spokesperson for Zoflora told The Sun that they would not advise using the product with boiling water. Especially for the purpose of scenting a room.

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(Image credit: Zoflora)

'We do not advise using Zoflora with boiling water as this has not been tested. It could potentially negatively impact the ingredients within Zoflora and the vapour they release,' said the spokesperson.

'The use of boiling water offers no benefits in terms of the disinfecting properties of Zoflora. We therefore recommend using with cool or warm water.'

'All our recommended product uses are related to the elimination of bacteria and viruses, as Zoflora is an effective disinfectant. Therefore, do not recommend any use which isn't aligned to the function of this type of product.'

We're huge fans of Zolfora here at Ideal Home. You can find a range of Zoflora approved tips for how and where to use the product around your home on the Zoflora website.

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When it comes to any cleaning product, always remember to follow the instructions.

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