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Modern utility room design ideas. Find your dream utility room scheme with a modern twist. Check out our country utility room and traditional utility room galleries or browse all our utility rooms pictures for tons more decorating inspiration.

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    Modern laundry room

    A storage unit with black and white baskets keeps laundry products at bay in this compact utility room. A metal laundry rack matches the sleek black and silver washing machine. A vintage picture and cute peg bag add personal touches to the scheme.

    The Holding Company

    Laundry basket and clothes airer


    Washing machine

    LG Electronics

    Canvas print

    Oliver Bonas

  • Monochrome utility room | Laundry room design ideas | Utility room decorating | Image | Housetohome

    Monochrome utility room

    Laundry accessories needn’t be dull. Here, an ironing board gets a sophisticated look with a monochrome cover with floral design, and a wirework basket makes an elegant laundry store.

    Ironing board

    Lisa Stickley


    The Conran Shop

  • Laundry style utility room | Decorating ideas | Home design | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetoohme

    Laundry style utility room

    Making a place for everything is key to taking the hassle out of washday. Here, a Voodoo Blue hand-woven, fabric-lined basket with rope handles and a Brissi white wicker laundry basket turn a corner into an organised space. A Dotty Designs floral bag hanging from the handles of a linen cupboard makes the most of space and adds a touch of colour to the clean, white room.

    Woven basketVoodoo Blue

    Fabric lining

    White basket, nightdress

    Floral bag
    Dotty Designs

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    Utility room clothes dividers

    Organisation is the key to a stress-free washday. A triple laundry sorter from The Cotswold Company makes light work of separating washing machine loads into whites, coloureds and delicates like this green Pure Collection camisole.

    Laundry sorter The Cotswold Company

    Pure Collection

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