Luxe laundry – 10 decorating ideas

If you have to do chores, you may as well do them in style! That’s our motto, anyway.

Your utility room might not seem like the most luxurious room in your home, but there’s no reason the space you use for washing, cleaning and storage can’t be just as stylish and fun as the other more glamorous rooms in your home.

Take a look at our 10 suggestions for taking the drab design out of your laundry room – they may even make you want to spend time in the room – stranger things have happened…

Laundry storage shelves
Don’t hide your laundry away – customise a dresser by lining the shelves with striped fabric and showcase your fresh laundry in bundles tied with pretty ribbon.

RibbonVV Rouleaux

Dresser, linens

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