Challenge Kate: Copper Coat Hangers

Challenge Kate gets creative in the workshop and shows us how to make coat hangers made of copper pipes.

We challenge Housetohome's Kate to a range of DIY projects in our new series Challenge Kate. In this episode Kate tries her hand at making copper coat hangers with the help of a (very stiff) pipe bender. How will she get on? Will she rise to the challenge? Watch to find out more.

How to make copper coat hangers
Step 1: Measure 100cm of pipe and cut to size using a pipe cutter.

Step 2: Using the pipe bender, bend a hook for the hanger. Do the same at each 'shoulder', leaving space to join the pipe at the 'neck' of the hanger.

Step 3: Neatly solder the end of the pipe to the neck.

Top tip: Different sized hangers look unique, but if you prefer symmentry then use your first hanger as a template to create others. Three metres of pipe creates three hangers.