Craft Corner: How to make a mason jar gifts

We show you some unique ways on making gifts using mason jars.

Want a quick and easy craft idea? Use a mason jar to create a pretty gifts set
You will need
-A mason jar
-Glass paint
-Nail varnish remover (with acetone)
-Small piece of fabric

Step 1: Pour a little glass paint into the jar
Step 2: Add a few drops of nail varnish
Step 3: Screw the lid back on tightly
Step 4: Tip the jar, rotating it slowly. Cover all the glass as evenly as possible
Step 5: Tip out the excess liquid into a bowl. Don’t worry about trying to get every last drop out as this will cause streaking
Step 6: Place your fabric on the table. Use the flat part of the lid as a template to draw round onto the wrong side of the fabric
Step 7: Cut out carefully
Step 8: Glue the fabric to the top of the lid
Time to fill our jar with gifts. We’ve chosen a garden theme and chosen items like seed packets and planting sticks. Finish off with twine and a wooden trim