Designer Spotlight: Suzi Perry talks technology trends

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  • We head to the Ideal Home Show 2016 to catch up with Suzi Perry. She tells us all about the latest trends in home technology.

    “The big thing for me that I’ve noticed in the last 12 months is virtual reality. When I was recently in Barcelona half the people were walking around as normal and half the people were in their own world with a headset or goggles on. Big manufacturers, such as Sony and HTC are bringing out headsets. Google have their Google Cardboard and that’s just the start. I know Apple is interested in virtual reality too.”

    Speaking about how it can be used in the home, Suzi said: “It still seems a little futuristic, but it’s going to come from gaming and it gives you an all-inclusive feeling that you are somewhere else.”

    “I think connected technology in the home is a big thing to watch. A lot of tech and gadgets being controlled via apps. Now it’s about connecting the home together, whether it’s about connecting your TV, your smoke alarm, and your pet cam.”

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