Simple Solutions: Three ways with candles

We show you three simple ways how to use candles to create cute decorations for around your home.

In this episode of Simple Solutions we show you three different ideas for displaying candles.

1. Jam jar floats
Cut some foliage including berries and eucalyptus leaves and place in a kilner jar. Fill with water and place the candle inside, so it is floating on the top. Glass bowls or tumblers will work well too.
These pretty jam jar floats look great in clusters of three or in a row on the dinner table.

2. Flowerpot holders
Place some florists foam at the bottom of a flowerpot and place a tall candle in the centre. Cover the edges with moss, foliage and berries.
Pack into a rustic crate or line up on a window sill or mantel.

3. Cinnamon pillars
Glue cinnamon stick to the edge of a pillar candle. Wait for each one to dry before sticking the next one on. Use the lowest glue gun setting so it won't melt the candle. You can do this with twigs instead of cinnamon sticks, too. Glue a piece of ribbon across the centre of the candle and use the finished version as a statement centrepiece.